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Vicol Audio High Density speaker cable

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Vicol Audio High Density speaker cable is our response to customers who look for a better speaker cable at an affordable price.
We did a long run in searching best materials and optimal technique for this cable.
We ended with a new approach, which combine a technique who minimize both skin effect and proximity effect.
Each cable wire is a combination of 6 silk insulated wires. Each wire is also a combination of multiple very thin oxygen free copper wires (OFC) completely separated and insulated from each other. Each tiny wire is internally rotated in order to minimize proximity effect. At the end each wire is covered in silk.
The result is a fantastic speaker cable who offer exceptional resolution and dynamics.
A cable you'll not find elsewhere.

High Density Speaker cable

Technical specifications:
- available in 2,5m and 3m lenght
- wire density per cable 1440 x 0.1mm per speaker (mono); 2880 x 0.1mm (stereo).
- very high current capability at high frequency. Over 100 Amperes @ 100Khz

Other dimensions available upon request.

For Vicol-Audio High Density speaker custom cable orders, please use contact page.

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