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Vicol Audio Shiga MKII high-grade - shigaclone

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Shiga MKII high gradeShiga MKII high grade
Shiga MKII high gradeShiga MKII high grade

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SHIGA MKII high-grade is available full mounted and tested, on a bamboo table, in three versions as follow:
Level 1 - price 699 euro ex.VAT:

- Mundorf EVO Silver-Gold OIL capacitor for C8
S/PDIF divider using best available resistors, ultra high precision Vishay naked Z-foil
- high current, low ESR/ESL organic semiconductor and kemet tantalum capacitors
- decoupling critical parts with silver-mica
- Tentlabs low jitter clock
- 2 low noise LDO miniregulators
- main power supply with LT1086adj
- all smd parts hand mounted vertically
- Vicol-Audio custom modded CD mechanic

Level 2 - price 1199 euro ex. VAT:
- Duelund Cast  for C8
- 2 more LDO regulators fro V1 and V2
- WBT spdif RCA connector
- All level 1 parts and modifications

Level 3 - price 1799 euro ex. VAT:
- Dexa Neutron Star low jitter clock
- Bluetooth remote controll for Android or IOS, please mention.
- All level 2 parts and modifications.

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